Hello Gorgeous! Welcome to the Dark Light Portrait Studios experience. Every woman has a different way of expressing herself, of showing her beauty to the world and those around her. One of the most important things I can do as a photographer is to allow you to shine and to let you see yourself the way others see you. I want to help you fall in love with yourself, maybe for the 1st time.

Dark Light Portrait Studios works with women of all shapes, sizes and ages. At Dark Light, I want to make you feel comfortable; to feel beautiful, confident and strong in your own skin. Whether you are taking portraits as a gift to someone or as a gift to yourself, please believe that you are amazing! I believe that the most beautiful you can be is when you decide to be you!

Are you worried about knowing how to pose?

Concerned that you won't look good?

Feel like you have let yourself go because you take care of everyone else?

Don't think you're photogenic?

Feel guilty taking time for yourself to do something to make you happy?

Waiting to lose 10 pounds before you take photos?

Wondering what to wear?

I've got you! I can help you with every single one of these negative thoughts and for everything else, there's Photoshop! (Just kidding, you really can do this)

Client Review: 

"The session was really great! Jess' directions were very clear"

Imagine walking into your photography appointment and feeling a sense of calm wash over you, knowing that you're in the right place. You won't have to worry about anything while you're here. 

Take 5 minutes before your session to relax, put your phone down, center yourself, and get ready to have fun, because honey, this isn't rocket science. It's photography and you're beautiful, so this is going to be easy! You've got this!

While you are here, we are going to have a lot of fun. You get to change outfits, I will change backgrounds and props and you might even decide to change your makeup or hairstyle. This time is all about you, so I want you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself. I know that taking pictures can cause anxiety, but I promise you that I have done this many times and you will see just how easy it is to overcome all the things you're worried about. Trust me, I'm right here with you!

I've wanted to be a photographer forever, but I really never thought that I could do it. In college, I wanted to take photography classes, but there was no way I could afford the equipment needed. So, I did what I was always told I should do...I majored in an actual thing (Criminology) and after graduating, got an 8-5 job fighting the good fight. After some years, I moved overseas to teach English (which was an amazing experience) and when I came back to the states, I figured it was now or never. So I went to photography school, learned, learned and learned some more than was released back into the world with a nice camera, a head full of knowledge and a plan to be an amazing photographer.  I've been doing this for a long time and I still have a nice camera, a head full of even more knowledge (and experience) and a constant drive to improve every day. 

One thing I did change was what I want my photography to do for others. As a plus size woman, I know that having photos taken makes me self-conscious. I feel awkward, fat, uncomfortable and unattractive. I wish with my whole heart that someone would take me into their studio and make me look as amazing as I want to look. That hasn't happened for me, but it can happen for you. I want to be the person who can do that for you. Because we all want to feel beautiful, amazing, sexy and self-confident. I want you to see your portraits a few weeks after your session and feel amazed at how good you look. The rest of the world can see it, now its your turn!

Lets Talk

What do you envision your session to look like, what do you want your portraits to say? What image do you see hanging on your wall, that will make you smile every time you see it? Let's talk. 

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