The Process

The Inquiry

Feel free to reach out to me by phone, text, email or through the contact page form. I would love to talk with you about your photographic needs. I like to get some basic information from you, including the type of images you want, a timeframe and any other information you feel is important. I will also make an appointment with you at this time to go over more details and plan your session. 

The Consultation & Design Appointment

I will meet with you in person prior to your session to make a plan. This is a terrific time to sit down  and ask any questions that you have, as well as tell me what you are wanting. Once I know your needs, I can plan an image creation session that will give you the images and products that best suit your life. During this appointment and dependent on the type of session you are having, I will get detailed information about what you need, maybe make a story board, talk about clothing and location tips and schedule your Image Creation Session. Plan on this appointment taking about an hour. 

The Image Creation Session

The moment is finally here when I create your images! I will meet you in the designated location at the selected time. I want you to have a wonderful time having your images made, so please come relaxed and ready to have fun. Session times will vary, depending on what we discussed during your consultation. 

The Reveal and Ordering Appointment

Prior to this appointment, I will do basic enhancements on your images. Then, approximately 2 weeks after your creation session, I will meet with you for your reveal and ordering session. During this time, you will have the opportunity to view your images and choose which products will best meet your needs. I do require payment before ordering products and accept cash, card or Zelle for payment. 

The Pickup/Delivery

Before I order your image products from a professional lab, I will complete any final enhancements. Once your products have arrived, I check them for quality assurance purposes then package them for you. Depending on your location, I can deliver them in person or through the mail or you are welcome to pick them up. Production time varies depending on product. 

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