Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for a wedding?

Costs are based on a few different things, but I do have 3 full collections and 3 intimate collections to choose from. The full collections start at 3,000 +tax and the intimate collection is 1,200 +tax. Most people who book a full collection spend around 5,500.

What's included in your wedding collections?

The collections vary depending on which one you choose. Some of them include a credit for your album or products, while others include an engagement or other type of session. Please contact me for specific information. 

Do you travel?

I absolutely love to travel! I am based in Tampa, FL but can go anywhere in the country (or world) you would like to go. I would be more than happy to hit the road and photograph your wedding anywhere you want to have it. Please remember though, that there could be travel costs. 

How much is an additional photographer?

Cost for an additional photographer will depend on the length of the wedding and the location. We can discuss this during your consultation. 

My ceremony is only about 15 minutes, plus 3 hours for the reception. Why would I need you for so long?

While the ceremony may be short, and you might only have a 3 hour reception, you are forgetting about all the other time that is involved in a wedding day. There is the time of getting ready, the time in-between the ceremony and reception and the stuff that comes up that makes things happen late. Trust me, this day is going to be busy and go a whole lot faster than you think it will. 

I want all candid photos for my wedding. Do you do that?

Yup, I sure can, however, I won't and let me tell you why. Candids can be fun and spontaneous, however, at the end of the day, mom, grandma and Aunt Judy are going to want some images where you are looking at the camera, at your new spouse or at something else on purpose. That's why I do a mixture of posed, candid and lifestyle photography, so that all aspects of your day are documented. Besides, you spent a lot of money on your wedding, so do you really want all your photos to be taken when you aren't paying attention?

What is your cancellation policy?

Contact me for more information about this, as it is a bit different depending on the reason for cancellation. However, I will work with you in every way I can if you have to cancel for some reason. 

DLPS Video Project

Dark Light sat down with some wedding/event vendors and past clients in Tampa and Sarasota to talk about their services, experiences and opinions about what people should know when looking for services. Stay tuned, more information will come as we talk to more people. 

Interview with Coco, of Cross the T's Event Co. 

We sat down with Ms. Coco, of Cross the T's event company to talk about the services she offers, as well as some general helpful information for couples and individuals. Ms. Coco can help you plan an amazing day!

Interview with Joe Farren, DJ and Musician

I sat down with Mr. Joe Farren, DJ and Musician for events, parties and weddings. He gave me got lots of information about what he does and the services he provides. If you are looking for a DJ or Musician, he is the guy!

Interview with Neil & Laura, real Dark Light Wedding clients

I sat down with Neil and Laura, a couple whose wedding Dark Light photographed last spring. We discussed some important information about planning your own wedding and of course had to ask about their experience with Dark Light Weddings. Check it out for some tips when you're in the planning stages!

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